CBV- Mini Candle Mania

I've decided to make this post about.....


Wait for it....wait for it...



These little bad boys pack a BIG punch!  When I say BIG I mean it.  Everyone knows we do BIG in Jersey...Big nails...BIG teased and poofed...hair??...(Thank you Jerseylicious for that stereotype)   Whomp Whomp Whomp).  I have a huge bedroom- the master bedroom and these bad ma'ama jammas fill up my room with delicious, fragrant smells.

They are 4 oz. of wax for $5.  They are  a great way to try out scents if you do not have a tart warmer.  I highly recommend these.  They are a good bang for your buck.  Did I mention that these mini jars are super cute and aesthetically pleasing.  :)  They will fit it with any room decor.

I am going to talk about the scents I have in these jars.  I get these if I have a good idea that I will like the scent, then decide if I want a bigger version of it.  Soo....without further adieu:

Why I Autumn- this is a spicy Fall scent.  You can smell the Anise in it.  I like this scent a lot.
Carmel Apple- perfect combo of Apple and Caramel mixed in perfect harmony.  Reminds me of being at a fair :).
Pumpkin Pie Spice- smells like the inside of a pumpkin pie.  Perfection.
Geisha- this has a very strong scent throw.  Smells like Japanese Cherry Blossoms- nothing more, nothing less.
Rock That Vanilla- I love this smell so much, I have it in a 22 oz Tureen.  Smells like faint strawberry and cream.  Delish!
Pink Cupcake- soooo good!  Smells like a funfetti cake to me.  Vanilla cake with sugary, vanilla icing.  It is very sweet.
Citrusmoon- love, love, love this!  The aroma is amazing...it's citrus and musk.  I can smell oranges, apples and a musk smell, maybe some jasmine.
Banana Coconut Cream Pie- smell just like it.  I love Victoria's banana scents.  You get the banana and coconut plus a pie crust smell...heavenly.  I will be ordering this in a bigger jar.
Lime Crystal Kisses- smells like straight up lime.  If you love citrus scents, you'll love this.
Coco Lime Verbena- you put da lime in de coconut....oops sorry...50/50 of coconut and lime.  Smells just like BBW's Coconut Lime Verbena, which I loveee.
Peanut Butter Cookies- this smells like straight up, legit peanut butter cookies...yum yum yum.
Raspberry Violet- amazingggg....this smells just like these Violet candies my mom ate when I was little.  They tasted nasty but smelled amazing.  Will be getting a Tureen of this.  Try thisssss.  K thanks. :).
Cheesecake- a light cheesecake smell with that pie crust scent.

This is my review and thoughts on the Mini candles.  Try them out, you won't regret it.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Ryan! Your pyramid looks so lovely and colorful, they look more like jars of paint rather than candles! :)