Fall Order- Candles by Victoria

     So I caved.  I placed my fall order from Candles By Victoria.  These candles are amazing.  First let me tell you about CBV.  It is a small family owned company.  Victoria and Matt (the candleman), their 2 daughters and a few workers.  Each candle is hand poured at the time of your order, making it so fresh. Unlike other candle companies who use machines and have their candles sitting on shelves for years before you buy it. (WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP). They are also triple scented, which means these bad boys are packed with scent...unlike Yankme Candles.
     They are also very personable and love to interact with their customers.  Awesome customer service as well.  The candles are also very affordable.  So go check them out at www.candlesbyvictoria.com.  You wont regret it, promise.  

Look how AMAZING these candles look:
 This is a candle from her Sweet Treat Line..I could just eat it! And yes I said eat it :)

On another note, you get a free scent shot with every order.  A scent shot is a tart that you melt in a tart warmer.  Did I mention CBV has over 640 scents to choose from?

     I wasn't planning on ordering my fall order until Sept. as CBV is coming out with a new candle line called Black Label Candles.  I was sitting at home the other day and my mom told me my beloved 13 yr old Dalmatian, Bacchus is being put to sleep on Monday 8/22/11.  This can't be, he's my polka dots :(.  Anyone who knows me, knows that when I am very upset I shop.  And anyone who knows Bacchus...knows he loves Lush and getting his nails painted blue....and candles.  So in honor of my polka dots...I ordered fall smells I knew hed like...anddddd his favorite smell.  I would let him smell the candles and if he liked the scent he would roll over on his back and rub his face on the carpet.

     So before I get sad again....let's get on with what I ordered:

22 Ounce Tureen Candle:
Bath Time With Pooh with Gold and Silver glitter (mine and Bacchus's favorite scent..tied with Chocolate Sandalwood Spice)

24 Ounce Snowflake Candle:
Sugared Spruce (I love Christmas tree like scents...so I cannot wait to try this one)

Scent Shots: (I have never tried any of these, cant wait)
Warm Christmas Splendor
Sleigh Bells
Peppermint Bark
Holiday Wassail
Holiday Homebrew
Christmas Memories
Christmas Lane
Apple Pie Ala Mode
Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle
Log Cabin
Nutty Candied Apple
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pickin
Ginger Peach
Snuggle Baby (have this one..this is for mom)
Raspberry Guava
Tonka Truck
Endless Love
Chantilly Lace
Mango Sorbett

    So after all this rambling, I will post a review with pictures when I receive my goodies.  And like I said...try CBV...you will NOT be disappointed :)

*This post is dedicated to my polka dots Bacchus, sissy is going to miss you more than you'll ever know.*


  1. I am so sad for you. :( <3 Bacchus

    Sugared Spruce rox. I am making a soap in it for Christmas. Love the candles!

    Yay for blogs!

  2. Hi honey I just love your blog and the pictures of Bacchus are amazing.. Matt and I read it together this morning and I told him the story of Bacchus he wanted me to send you his love and tell you how badly we feel for you, we love our fur babies like children and we have lost of those babies over the 20 years that we have been married... we understand the pain and hurt that causes. Hugs and much love.. your CBV family!

  3. Thank you so much Victoria and Matt. We've ony had Bacchus for about 5 years, we rescued him from a shelter, but I love the polka dotted man so much. I'm glad I got to share my love for your candles with Bacchus :) xoxo